Pot has a brother and his name is hemp and he just so happens to be Michigan's newest cash crop.

According to WOOD, the hemp harvest has begun now the its legal on the state and federal level.

There is a hemp farm in Belding that may look like a stoners dream but the owner of the The Hemp Train, Daniel Ballo said, "Ultimately, nobody's going to get high when the percentage is 0.4% THC."

Ballo and his partner Bradly Nicholls started their busniess about a year and a half ago in Oregon and have now expanded into Michigan.

Hemp acres can be worth around 10K to 12K per acre but the plants get trimmed and buds get separated the price per acre can go up two or three times. Corn farmers are lucky to get $500 an acre so my guess is that many farmers may switch.

Nicholls said, "Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream is talking about it. Nabisco is talking about putting it in products, but we're going through some hurdles right now with the FDA."

Ballo and Nicholls are part of a group of 564 hemp farmers licensed to grow under a pilot program set up by the Michigan Department of Agriculture. 423 licensed processors are also involved in bringing the crop to the market.

Who know's, maybe some day there will be a hemp maze instead of a corn maze.

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