It is common for people to think that dangerous insects are in a jungle in South America or the Everglades of Florida, but Michigan has insects that could take your life.

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Dangerous Insects

Australia is a beautiful country but there are more bugs and critters there that can take you out than any other country in the world. This doesn't mean you can think Michigan is problem free because there are four insects that if you're bitten could become deadly.

Four Insects Found In Michigan That Are Dangerous

1. Northern Black Widow Spider

It was Alice Cooper who said, "These words he speaks are true, we're all humanary stew if, we don't pledge allegiance to the black widow." You don't have to pledge allegiance to the northern black widow spider but you do need to show some respect. The black widow has a lethal toxin that is 15 times stronger than that of rattlesnakes. Although the black widow rarely bites people it is important that if you are bitten seek medical attention immediately. When going to the hospital when bitten, try and have someone else drive because you may experience muscle spasms, chills, nausea, fever, sweating, aches and pain, and headaches. Black widow bites rarely kill people but can lead to death.

2. Brown Recluse Spider

At one time experts said that the brown recluse spider couldn't survive a Michigan winter and that has since been proven wrong because they are being found year around in the Lower Peninsula. The brown recluse is usually looking to stay warm so they find places like rotting wood or cardboard to live. This spider produces a tissue-destroying venom that destroys the surrounding cells when bitten. Death from brown recluse spiders is rare but records show it has been children only. If a child or adult has been bitten you have to seek medical attention immediately.

 3. Black-Legged Tick

There are black-legged ticks all over West Michigan. Some call them deer ticks and if you walk in any tall grassy area in a pair of shorts you better check your legs and body at the end. When feeding on humans during the summer months, the black-legged ticks transmit bacteria in the bloodstream which can lead to Lyme disease. This type of tick can carry more than a dozen rare diseases and in extreme cases cause respiratory failure, organ failure, bleeding problems, and even death.

The worst sound in the world is a mosquito buzzing around your ears. Most every Michigander has been bitten by a mosquito or two but believe it or not, some people have died from it.  Mosquitoes often feed on birds and that is usually when they pick up a disease and if they bite a human is when that disease can be transmitted. The most common virus spread by mosquito bites is the West Nile. Most people bitten by a mosquito with the West Nile virus never show any symptoms. Others get fevers, headaches, vomiting, and a rash. In 1% of West Nile cases, a human could get encephalitis or meningitis and these are serious diseases that can have permanent or cause death. If a person is bitten and becomes ill by a mosquito that has Eastern Equine Encephalitis there is a 30% chance of death. You might want to put on some skeeter spray before heading outside.

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