As we gear up to celebrate Independence Day and our country this coming week, ask yourself are you really celebrating America or are you just in it for the barbecues and fireworks?

With 4th of July approaching, WalletHub released a study of '2017's Most Patriotic States in America.' To come to this conclusion, researchers considered 13 key indicators across all states that identify as "patriotic." This includes things like:

  • # of people enlisted in the Military
  • # of people who voted in the 2016 election
  • # AmeriCorps volunteers

These key indicators were then broken into 2 main sections: Military Engagement & Civic Engagement.

It's no surprise that Virginia came in as the overall most patriotic state but what about the good people of Michigan? Are we as patriotic as we'd like to think we are? Not really. The study placed us at #43. That's almost dead last! We ranked 42 in military engagement but we did fare better with civic engagement coming in at 19.

Source: WalletHub


The study also found that red states are more patriotic than blue ones, which normally Michigan falls blue but flipped red in this past presidential election. And if you were wondering, New Jersey came in last on the list. They're probably more concerned with "GTL" this holiday.

Prove this study wrong and show us how patriotic you are this weekend at the Amway Family Fireworks!

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