You may find yourself wondering or trying to remember if you have ever had to explain an oddly specific thing to someone not from here only to say "it's a Michigan thing."

That's what we're here you a guide on some uniquely Michigan words and phrases so you can keep them in your back pocket.

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The Michigan Accent

We've talked before about what it means to have a Michigan accent and have even compiled a guide for you before on just how to identify if you actually have one or not (CLICK HERE).

More often than not, the "Michigan accent" is described as being "nasally" while also speaking so quickly our words tend to get smooshed together and almost become new words in themselves (my favorite example of that to come later).

We also are known for replacing words with "t" sounds with the letter "d" and so on...

Michigan Words

However, there are definitely some words, phrases, etc. here in Michigan that we often have to explain to others.

For example, I have family in Texas who were horribly confused when we took them to my favorite local party store when they were visiting earlier this summer.

Here are just some of the most "Pure Michigan" things we should really just add to the dictionary so everyone gets familiar:

Michigan Words/Phrases to Add to the Dictionary

While some of these words may already be in the dictionary, context is everything and here in Michigan, they take on completely different meanings!

Speaking of the Dictionary

Back in 2014, MLive reported that "Yooper" actually was added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary after a man in the U.P. tried for 12 years to get it there.

Now, it's been about seven years since then and I think it is time we get some more of these words added so Michigan, with our trolls, our pasties, and our Euchre expertise can take over!

Which Michigan words or phrases would you most like to see added to the dictionary for all to see?

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