When you buy tickets to a show for a band called Every Time I Die, you should probably expect a bit of...let's say...rambunctiousness during the show. Apparently, a woman at their show at the Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac feels that the guitarist jumping on her head and breaking her neck is a little too out of control.

Guitarist Jordan Buckley "lept from the stage directly onto her head" (spelling is totally taken directly from the news article, BTW, get it together, Detroit), according to Tonya Ross, and she's claiming she suffered "catastrophic injuries", according to WXYZ TV.

She claims he didn't "warn people" he was going to jump into the crowd. And since she'd bought expensive tickets to be up front, I guess she didn't think she'd have to...I don't know...pay attention to the people on stage?

I bet if you found video footage from the show, there were tons of people crowd surfing, and coming up on her from behind, but she's not suing them. So why the guitarist? Hmmm...could it be that HE might have some money? Seems like an easy target.

Not saying this is what's going on. Not saying it isn't. But she's also not wearing a neck brace, and doesn't seem to be having any difficulty moving around and waving her arms, with all the "catastrophic" injuries.

And could the lame-ass news host stop saying "punk band" every time he mentions them? It just sounds stupid.

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