ESPN is reporting that while fans of the University of Michigan football program hope that Jim Harbaugh coming on board will help out the program, the program has already racked up some (minor) NCAA rules violations.

No players or coaches have lost eligibility due to the violations, which were deemed "minor and unintentional."

One violation is related to the recruitment of Wayne Lyons, a transfer from Stanford.

Another violation is related to Harbaugh sending an autographed helmet to a high school.

The school auctioned off the helmet, and the proceeds went to a scholarship fund (Harbaugh was unaware that that was the intended use), which is a violation of NCAA rules.

Yet another violation occurred when Coach Harbaugh and two other officials from the football program allowed someone they were actively recruiting to sit in "premium seating" at a U of M Hockey game.

The final violation involved the football staff providing recruiting material to a potential player via social media.

Officials believe that much of this was due to Harbaugh coming to the University of Michigan from the NFL and not yet being accustomed to the proper recruiting processes in college football. The University told the Detroit Free Press that they are working to educate their entire staff on proper policies and procedures when it comes to recruiting.

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