An alert Eagle Scout was told by his dad to check out a house he saw on fire, what he didn't know is he would soon be herding cats.

A Safety Check Turned Into An Animal Rescue In New Baltimore

Last week, Owen Tisler was driving in his hometown of New Baltimore, when he spotted smoke coming from a nearby home. The 17-year-old Eagle Scout was concerned, so he called his dad to see what he should do. Owen’s dad told the teen to run to the home, bang on the door, make sure no one’s home, and then call 911.

Owen did just that. Unaware that the home was ablaze, a man came out and yelled at Owen for banging on the door, but then the teen warned the man about the fire.

The man tells Owen that he’s the only person home, but that there are seven cats and a pet pig still inside the burning house.

Dietmar Ludmar via Unsplash
Dietmar Ludmar via Unsplash


How Do You Wrangle Seven Cats, Let Alone A Pig?

At that point the mission turned into animal rescue as the pair tried to locate all seven cats, and the pig, who was probably a lot easier to find, as cats tend to hide when scared.

Christopher Carson via Unsplash
Christopher Carson via Unsplash

But somehow, they did it, and thankfully none of the animals were worse for wear, especially the pig, who came within minutes of becoming pulled pork.

The fire completely destroyed the home, and while the family who owns the home is devastated to have lost their home, they’re fortunate that no one was hurt and have Owen to thank for that.

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