One Michigan sheriff is glad he had a rope in his patrol car when some goats made a run for it.

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Living in Rural Michigan

Scott Lewis/ThinkStock/GettyStock
Scott Lewis/ThinkStock/GettyStock

If you have never lived in the country in Michigan, you may not have experienced some of the unusual things that can happen where there is livestock in the area near your home.

I live in Newaygo County and I was in my house for maybe a week when a small herd of cattle began to go by my house walking down the road. Luckily, I had already met my neighbor and knew they were his and began to work with his wife and their family friend to wrangle the cattle into one of my barns.

We had a few laughs but at the same time got the cattle before they could make it to a major road and possibly cause a bad accident.

Three Hungarain Mangalica pigs walking around

Back in September, I was mowing my lawn and when I got down by the road I noticed some giant hogs that were on the loose. I've dealt with cows and horses before but never hogs. I knew the hogs belonged to my neighbor so I had to let them know the hogs were on the loose and they quickly came back home and got them back into the corral.

These are not my first run-in with livestock on the loose, just where I currently live now.

Sheriff Wrangles Goats That Were On The Road in Michigan

Mlive YouTube Channel
Mlive YouTube Channel

When an officer of the law goes to work, they do not know what to expect each day like this sheriff's deputy in Pinconning Township, Michigan.

According to MLive, Deputy Art Kleinert was on patrol when he spotted 10 walking down the road.

Good thing he was quick thinking and remembered he had a rope in his patrol car. His legal eye noticed the goats were following the biggest goat so he put a wrote on him and the other goats followed.

Does this make the deputy the goat whisperer? Probably not, but he did manage to keep the goats safe from getting hit by a vehicle while keeping the public safe at the same time. The goats have been safely returned to their owner's farm.

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