COVID-19 cases are spiking again which have caused Governor Whitmer to pause before moving into phase 5.

I saw this coming back when states like Georgia, Florida, Texas and Arizona started reopening before they had flattened their curve. Many Michiganders, even while still under the shut down, relaxed on wearing masks and began to gather in groups like the pandemic was over because other states were beginning to open.

Now that Michigan has re-opened it seems less and less people are wearing masks and I'm seeing larger and larger groups of people together but the problem is, the virus is not gone. It is not under control. We slowed it down so we could reopen and begin to fix a broken economy.

People still have to social distance and wear a mask and still should avoid getting in large groups. This isn't to take away your rights, its to save lives and to not force a shutdown again.

The economy has been hit hard because of the shutdown, with some businesses not able to make it back and while others continue to struggle even as we reopen.

Basically, if we don't want to wind up where we were in April, locked down under quarantine and destroy what is left of the economy, then put on your damn mask and keep your distance because this virus is no where close to be gone, we just slowed it down for a moment.

According to FOX 17, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer said, "right now, the numbers in most parts of the state have continued to look strong. There are a few blips that we are keeping our eye very close on. My hope was to move the rest of the state into phase 5 by the 4th of July, my hope was to do it this week. We're not going to do it this week. We're not in a position to do that yet, we've got to get more data."

Other states have had to stop moving forward in reopening phases and some have had to back track and move back.

If we don't want this to get worse in Michigan, we have the power to slow it back down by wearing a mask, keeping our hands clean and keeping our distance until there is a vaccine or treatment.

You can still do most everything you want, just do it safely for others and yourself because if we all don't buckle down now and continue to slow the spread, we will wind up worse off that we were before.

Don't let your guard down but unfortunately that is what I'm seeing everywhere I go in West Michigan.

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