Water bills suck enough...but could you imagine getting one for almost $20,000? Oh my, I would have a heart attack!

According to WOOD, a Michigan resident in Ishpeming, Michigan, located in the Upper Peninsula were shocked to get a massive water bill because of a leak that the resident or the city didn't know anything about.

The Michigan resident who received the enormous water bill, Ashley Cody of Ishpeming, said the leak happened during a two month stretch between water bill meter readings which are slower or guesstimated during winter months. Cody slapped up a photo of the crazy bill on Facebook. She went on to explain the broken pipe that flowed into some drain. She has been chatting with officials from the city to get this bill worked out. Can you imagine a bill that is $18,709?

The City Manager of Ishpeming, Mark Slown, did make a statement that the City Couscil will be looking at this matter and coming up on their May 8 meeting they hope to come to a resolution. Slown did also explain that when the snow hits the U.P. the folks that read the meters in Ishpeming just can't get to the meters, so on the real snowy months they estimate water use

Seems the city would have noticed a large bill like that going out and maybe said something first?

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