The little sticker that gets your vehicle into Michigan state parks, recreation areas, and campgrounds is going up in price in 2024

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The Michigan DNR announced that in January residents will see a price jump in recreation passports. The last increase was in March of 2023.

DSK389-008.jpg | Interlochen State Park
MI Dept. of Natural Resources

Effective Jan. 1, 2024, the resident Recreation Passport vehicle fee increases from $13 to $14, while the cost for motorcycles will not change, remaining at $7.

Note there is also a $5 convenience fee (except for Belle Isle Park) when the Recreation Passport is not purchased at the time of your license plate registration renewal through the Secretary of State, and is instead purchased at a state park or recreation area.

To get a passport when you're renewing your plate through the Secretary of State, Check “YES“ for the Recreation Passport.

Michigan DNR
Michigan DNR

The nonresident Recreation Passport fee annual pass also will increase from $39 to $40, but the nonresident daily pass will stay at $11.

The recreation passport fees provide funding for the state’s parks and recreation system.

DNR Parks and Recreation Chief Ron Olson said in a release,

Michigan's state park system is largely self-supporting, with the Recreation Passport playing a key role. Approximately 97% of state parks funding is generated by user fees, including the Recreation Passport, and royalty revenues. Just 3% comes from Michigan's General Fund tax dollars...

During the last few years, we saw just how much people relied on Michigan’s state parks and recreation system to provide safe, welcoming, beautiful outdoor spaces where they could meet up with family and friends, get fresh air and connect with nature. That’s exactly what the Recreation Passport gives you, every day.

Find out more about the Recreation Passport, what it supports and where it can take you here.

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