What state has the best food in the U.S.?

According to this list, it's not Michigan.

But we're not the worst, either.To determine their ranking, Thrillist's panel took into account restaurant scenes, state specialties, variety of fresh meat and produce, and other factors.

But, as Thrillist admits, tastes vary from person to person; they say their panel is "unbiased" only "in the sense of being completely omnivorous".

According to Thrillist, Michigan is the 11th best state in the U.S. for food:

It's weirdly the original home of the coney hot dog, enormous pasties (the meat pies, not the stripper nipple covers), and the currently hot, always-square Detroit-style pizza, not to mention the fact that Mitten-born Little Caesars and Domino's more or less defined American takeout pizza as we know it. The Detroit Metro area also has a massive wealth of Polish, Greek, and Middle Eastern food, while Traverse City and Grand Rapids are fast becoming food destinations unto themselves."

What state is No. 1? California, according to Thrillist, followed by Texas.

What state came in last for food? West Virginia:

Almost heaven... does not describe the flavor of a state where a glorified Hot Pocket is the signature food and road kill is probably top five."

Check out Thrillist's full ranking here.

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