You don't have to take your clothes off to have a good time, but you can at these 7 nudist resorts in Michigan.

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Public nudity is not for everyone, but if you do consider yourself a nudist already or have considered becoming one - a nudist resort may be the place to start. The good news is if you live in Michigan, you have quite a few places to choose from.

One thing I cannot deny is the curiosity people have about nudist resorts. Just last week I shared a story with you about Whispering Oaks, a nudist resort in Oxford, Michigan. The response to that particular article was amazing. Clearly, I was not the only person who had no idea that Whispering Oaks was indeed a nudist resort.

That is what got me wondering about just how many nudist resorts are open in the Great Lakes State? If you guessed more than one, you are correct. I can tell you the names and locations of 8 nudist resorts in Michigan but unfortunately, I cannot link you to them in this article. My work computer prohibits me from clicking on most of the resort websites (chances are your computer at work will not allow you to view either).

If a nudist resort is on your bucket list - check out these 7 Michigan nudist resorts. One bright side of a vacation at a nudist camp is you don't have to pack clothes.

7 Michigan Nudist Resorts

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