A Michigan man who has spent the last 21 years of his life in prison for being wrongfully convicted of killing two hunters in the Fulton State Game Area has been released.

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Can You Imagine Spending Over 20 Years In Prison For A Crime You Didn't Commit?

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We have all heard the stories of how dangerous prisons are so can you imagine how a person who is innocent has to feel every day while incarcerated knowing they didn't commit the crime?

What Does the State of Michigan Do For A Person Who is Wrongfully Convicted?

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The main thing Michigan does if you're conviction is vacated is the person gets released and then is granted a new trial.

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If the person is found not guilty in the next trial in Michigan, the person is awarded $50,000 for every year served. To be honest, you would think it would be more money than that but at least it's something.

Michigan Man Released After Being Wrongfully Convicted of Killing Two Hunters

Courtesy of Michigan Department of Corrections
Courtesy of Michigan Department of Corrections

71-year-old Jeff Titus was released on Friday, February 24, 2023, after a federal judge overturned his conviction.

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According to WOOD, when Titus was 50 he was convicted in 2002 of killing hunters Doug Estes and Jim Bennett in the Fulton State Game Area.

Why Was Jeff Titus Released?

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In the original trial, the jury was never told about another suspect who happened to be a serial killer by the name of Thomas Dillion who was convicted of killing hunters in the same time period. The evidence that tied Dillion to the murders was never turned over by the police which violated federal law.

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