This puppy is adorable and luckily seems to be just fine after spending time in a thief's pants.

The strange scene unfolded at the sight of a car crash in Delta Township, Mich., on Wednesday. The occupant of a vehicle was allegedly trying to hide a small German Shepard puppy in his pants, MLive reports.

Eaton County Animal Control officers who were called to assist police recognized it as a four-week-old pup that had been reported stolen in nearby Ingham County.

The Eaton County Sheriff's office shared on Facebook that the puppy was returned to its mother and owner. In addition, the other stolen puppies were also returned safely. They also say they are working with Ingham County on their criminal case.

A happy ending to a weird story!

And as the Michigan Humane Society notes, you don't need to steal a puppy and hide it in your pants if you’re looking for a pet. Check out their Adopt a Pet page to see all of the animals currently available to adopt.

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