A Michigan man known as "The Hammer Killer" was caught during a killing spree of women and has been sentenced to a possible century in prison.

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Hammer Killings of Two Women

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In May 2019, a Michigan man murdered 32-year-old Julie Ann Mooney of Williamston and 26-year-old Kaylee Ann Brock of Holt.  The man admitted to the authorities that he had murdered both using a hammer. The really shocking part is the man was on his way to kill two more women using the hammer.


At the time of the murders, the Michigan man had taken pictures of the bodies and had sent crazy messages to his ex-girlfriend letting her know he was getting rid of some of his dear friends.

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The ex-girlfriend notified authorities that her former boyfriend had violated a personal protection order by sending her disturbing texts and pounding on her front door.

According to the AP, the man said that "he loved her so he spared her, and she would know what that meant soon."

Sheriff Deputies Pull Over Kiernan Brown

Eaton County Sheriffs Office
Eaton County Sheriffs Office

27-year-old Kiernan Brown of Delta Township was pulled over by the Eaton County sheriff's deputies on I-69. During the traffic stop, Brown showed photos of the two women he killed with a hammer to the deputies and was on his way to kill two more women.

Deputies located the two bodies and then alerted the other two women that Brown had planned to kill and found out both were safe.

The Hammer Killer Sentenced

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According to WOOD, 3 years after being charged with murder, Kiernan Brown finally received his sentence which is 70 to 100 years in prison.

While incarcerated, Brown severely changed his look with tattoos all over his face, head, and neck. If you want to see what Brown looks like now, click here for the video.

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