A Michigan man in Argentine Township built a private bridge on his property but the township and state say you need a permit it to do that...problem is...the bridge is built.

According to MLive, the bridge was installed Monday July 8 on some private property just off Whitehead Drive on Lobdell Lake. The bridge connects the property to an island known as Turtle Island.

Apparently property owner Brett DeGayner did not apply for any of the necessary permits you need to build the bridge but built it anyway.

A stop work order was put in place and was given to DeGayner who said he intended to violate the order and pay the fine.

Now officials are tying to figure out what exactly to do.

The fine is said to be around $500 but because the bridge is over water there are a lot of departments that need to approve such a move that were never contacted.

The State of Michigan is now looking into the situation. They are working with the Department of Natural Resources, Michigan Attorney General's Office, Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy.

The owner previously would row a boat over to the island where the cottage is but now he can just drive over...for now, until the state figures out what to do.

Before the bridge was put into place, the owner would row over the the island where a cottage sits.

It looks like this situation will have to be settled in court.

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