Can you imagine spending the night face down on the ground in the woods with a piece of wood sticking through your shoulder? That is exactly what happened to a Lansing man.

According to WOOD, a man fell out of a tree and was found by runners who happen to hear him calling for help 14 hours after he was impaled by a branch.

A runner by the name of Cindy Eiseler and three of her friends were jogging down the Lansing River Trail that is located next to Red Cedar Natural Area that lies on the edge of Michigan State University's East Lansing campus. That is when the women heard someone yelling "I need help" from a very dense thicket on Saturday morning.

The women then asked another runner by the name of Chris Smith to check on the man needing help. Smith came back and said the man was face down with a piece of a tree going right through his shoulder.

According to Police, the 37-year-old man fell out of the tree around 6 p.m. Friday evening. Emergency units were called and the man was then taken to the hospital. Police have yet to announce why the man was in the tree in the first place.

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