Just because marijuana is now legal in Michigan, your pot shop still needs to operate legally.

According to WOOD, a Lansing man by the name of Danny Trevino who owned medical marijuana shops in 5 different Michigan cities is now going to federal prison for 16 years.

Federal investigators say Danny Trevino did not operated his medical marijuana shops by the law.

Trevino had a criminal record which prevented him from being a registered caregiver. He could posses small amounts of weed because he himself had his own medical marijuana card.

It is required by state law for a caregiver to be registered with the state and to grow the pot for the client as a caregiver. Trevino messed up by using suppliers for his stores called Hydroworld.

Trevino was running a thriving $3 million business but not following the law now has him convicted of conspiracy to manufacture, distribute and possess marijuana and maintaining a drug house.

Even though Michigan's laws are changing because of recreational marijuana now being legal, the federal laws have not changed.

Trevino had Hydroworld locations in Flint, Grand Rapids, Jackson, Lansing and Mount Pleasant.

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