Oh, those wacky college kids! They'll do anything to get attention. No word as to whether alcohol was involved in this, but odds are it was.A man identified only as 'Andrew' filled a pothole in the city of Trenton with Lucky Charms, poured some milk in with it and proceeded to eat it.

The we needed to know in this story published by the MetroTimes is "why"? Why would a good looking, presumably normal college kid eat cereal out of a pothole. Was it protest? Did he lose a bet?


"I don't really know," is what  Andrew, a student at Eastern Michigan University told MetroTimes.

He doesn't know why he did it.

Like Mr. Hand in 'Fast Times At Ridgemont High", I'm just going to leave that on that blackboard all day so everyone can see it.

Am I going to get a weird disease from eating cereal out of a pothole, Mr. Hand?

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