Since sports gambling was made legal in the state, and now is at your finger tips thanks to gambling apps, Michiganders have gone gambling crazy.

First of all, full closure, I am a spokesperson for the FanDuel sports app, so I have a dog in this fight. And even more disclosure, I am still using the first $100 they gave me for signing up, so I know a little about sports gambling. Which is probably stupid to admit at this point, as I am superstitious and this will bring me bad luck, I'm sure.

Michigan residents are one of the national leaders for gambling on the NFL after the opening weekend of action.

In statistics released by GeoComply Solutions, a whopping 58.2 million transactions, an all time record, were recorded by gambling apps in the opening weekend of the NFL. The number was a 126% increase over a year ago.

The company is employed by most gambling apps to track bettors locations, as they need that information to comply to state betting laws.

Those figures are not surprising, considering that last year fewer states had legalized sports gambling for the opening a week of the league. Michigan and six other states just came online for gambling through online apps since last season.

Michigan was third overall in online betting activity, trailing only New Jersey and Pennsylvania in bet volume.

I just hope most state gamblers weren't dumb enough to take the Lions and the points on Sunday. It was frustrating to miss hitting the line by a half a point, just so you know.

Arizona, which just came online in time for Thursdays NFL game, was fourth overall in betting volume, Illinois, another newcomer was fifth.


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