Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services announced new epidemic orders for Michigan over the weekend, but one lawmaker is screaming for impeachment.

My son and I were in our hunting blind this weekend when I got the GRD app alert about the new orders Whitmer announced that will begin this Wednesday to try and reduce the spread of COVID-19.

According to WOOD, Republican Representative Matt Maddock said he and a growing list of Michigan legislators will be calling for impeachment of Governor Whitmer.

Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey chimed in by saying Whitmer did not reach across the aisle and and ask for help and went at it alone. WOOD said Shirkey then released the following statement:

The health and safety of our communities is our top priority. The Senate Republicans have been engaged in thoughtful conversations with our doctors, hospitals, and the Whitmer administration on ways to combat the spread of this insidious virus and help support our healthcare workers. While we’re meeting in good faith, Gov. Whitmer was working on her own strategy that did not include input from the Senate Republicans and we see the result of her plans in this latest round of restrictions.

The Senate Republicans still have faith in our fellow citizens and encourage them to protect themselves and others by adhering to the practices we know can help combat the spread of this insidious virus: washing hands, maintaining distance, and wearing a mask when it’s appropriate.

We are disappointed that Gov. Whitmer chose to go it alone, again. The Senate Republicans will continue working with our doctors and the medical community on ways we can combat this virus and are ready to work with the Governor when she decides to work as a team to fight this virus.

Governor Whitmer said, "we are using powers created by the legislature and given to the director of Health and Human Services and upheld by the Supreme Court for incidents specifically like these."

This is starting to sound more like a he said she said when our state government should be working together to make decisions on how to slow the coronavirus in our state.

Governor Whitmer went on to say regarding both the Republican House and Senate,

If they spend half as much time doing their jobs as they have criticizing how I'm doing mine, we would be in a much stronger position. Unfortunately, they haven't shown real seriousness here. They won't do a mask mandate. They can't even wear masks themselves and they got COVID spreading through the Republican caucuses in both the Senate and in the House. Right now, they are on hunting break through December. We are in an urgent crisis.

With the recent elections behind us, it really time for both parties to get back to work for the state of Michigan and work together on getting a better handle on the COVID-19 crisis.

Republicans need to develop a plan as well as Democrats then hash this thing out. None of us want another shutdown and as of this Wednesday we are already seeing similar shutdowns as back in the spring to try and slow the spread of COVID-19.

We vote these people into office, we expect them to do their jobs and work this out. Michigan doesn't have time to wait for another election for the lawmakers to get to work, so as a citizen who votes in the state...BOTH PARTIES, GET TO FREAKIN' WORK. WE NEED SOLUTIONS ON HANDLING THE VIRUS AND NOTHING ELSE.

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