There's chocolates and jewelry, a nice dinner out, a thoughtful card-- a number of ways to say "I love you" on Valentine's Day. But what if what you really want to say is "Happy Valentine's Day... I want a divorce" ? Well then, there's a Michigan Lawyer looking to help out with that. In honor of the most romantic day of the year, the Southfield Michigan Law Offices of Walter H. Bentley III, PLLC are giving away a free divorce.

According to WLBZ Bangor, Mr. Bentley says he knew of someone having a divorce party to celebrate her divorce, and that's where he got the idea. On the Bentley Law facebook page, he explains

I chose Valentine's Day for the contest because it is such a hard day for people in a bad marriage where both people are ready to move on. You can't truly find new love until you close the door of your past love.

An uncontested divorce goes for around $3,000, and Bentley says he'll award one to the person with the most "compelling and convincing story" submitted to his website.

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