I haven't heard of a lot of states being worried about their residents' safety while online, but Michigan just announced they're launching an app that will help identify cyber threats on your mobile device.

Fox 17 reports that the app called Michigan Secure is a free app to use, but will warn users if there is suspicious activity or transactions on their smartphone. This is great because think of how much we use our phones, and even though certain brands claim you can't get hacked or a virus on their devices, enough of us have figured out that's not always the case.  The best part is, you don't have to give any of your personal information to use the app.

State of Michigan Chief Information Officer Brom Stibitz told Fox 17,

“Our reliance on mobile devices has been met with a surge in activity by cybercriminals looking to access those devices to steal our personal information, and possibly much worse. The Michigan Secure app is a huge step towards protecting Michiganders from these criminals and giving us all some peace of mind.”

Fox 17 says they're under the impression that the app will even tell the user if their WiFi has been compromised as well and on Android devices, it will scan apps being downloaded to make sure they're not compromised before you even put it on your phone. I'm guessing it doesn't do that for Apple phones because you know, you can't get a virus or hacked... supposedly.  (Can you tell I've had issues? What kind of sites am I going on, right??)

Michigan Secure is a free app and can be found in your app store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android.


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