As Michiganders, we know how wonderful our state is and all that it has to offer and new research only further solidifies it.

WalletHub ranked all states in order based on how fun they are and Michigan fell in the top 20 at #16! The word "fun" was divided into two categories:

  1. Entertainment & Recreation (restaurants, movie theaters, arcades per capita; ideal weather; beach quality; access to national parks, etc.)
  2. Nightlife (cost of alcohol, movies; music festivals, casinos, time of last call)

In these two categories, Michigan placed at #15 and #19 respectively.

Source: WalletHub

The study also found that we have the most golf courses & country clubs compared to any other state. Kind of random but awesome news if you're a golfer and like that exclusive lifestyle. And to no surprise, we tied for first when it comes having access to marinas.

Overall, the list isn't much of a surprise, with California and New York being the two funnest states. But what I can't accept is that OHIO was placed above Michigan (#13) when it came to fun. OHIO! How did that happen? The only reason I've ever wanted to go to Ohio is for Cedar Point. It's okay, we know the truth... and so do they.

If you're looking for fun outside of Michigan, a vacation to West Virginia isn't probably what you would want at the top of your list seeing that it came in dead last.

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