Its that time of year again for folks in West Michigan to get those kids into a hunter safety class so they too can get out and enjoy the outdoors.

I took my oldest boy to hunters safety in Croton, Michigan, over Labor Day weekend. Truly a great experience for those who love the outdoors and are interested in taking advantage of all the great hunting Michigan has to offer not to mention those priceless memories that can be created with family and friends.

Hats off to Walt and Ed for doing an excellent job teaching the students who attended Saturday and Sunday at the Croton Township building. Also, big thanks to Croton Township for allowing their building to be used for the class as well as the land out back for the field day.

I took hunters safety a long time ago and it really has changed so I learned something as well. Back when I took the class, they didn't cover hypothermia and survival or have a field day to allow the kids to shoot a gun (pellet gun), crossbow and compound bow.

Gun safety is highly important even if you don't hunt, you can really learn something about gun safety and more importantly your child can learn something about gun safety and gun ownership responsibility.

Hunting is way more than just killing animals or shooting firearms. Responsible hunting, following the laws of the state, safe hunting practices, first aid, the bonding of parents with their children, family and friends. Those lifetime memories of excitement and even the stories of the buck that got away.

Hopefully when you take your kid to hunter safety you will have as good as experience that my oldest boy and I had. I look forward to signing my younger son up in a couple years as well. I even brought him to the second day of class so he could see what its all about and now he is already looking forward to taking the class.

I hope you get instructors like Walt and Ed, who are passionate about all aspects of the sport and more importantly the safety and responsibility that goes with hunting and firearms.

If you would like to sign your kids up for hunter safety, here is a link to classes and instructors all across West Michigan and the rest of the sate.

Have a great safe hunting season!


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