A Michigan hunter has been convicted of shooting and killing another hunter.

According to WOOD, the worst possible thing to happen to a hunter has happened and another hunter will be going to prison because of it.

The hunting accident happened during the 2018 deer season where a hunter by the name of David Barber of Gaylord Michigan shot what he thought was a deer. It turned out to be another hunter who was standing over a deer he had just shot.

Barber was sentenced on Monday to the minimum of five years in prison for killing the other hunter.

Barber said he believed he shot the deer when in fact he wound up shooting and killing Justin Beutel who was found slumped over the deer.

Barber will be up for parole after he does the first five years hard time.

Hunters remember, always know what you are shooting at and who is hunting in your area. Here are some safe hunting tips.

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