A statewide tornado drill will be happening across Michigan so don't freak out if you hear multiple sirens going off at the same time.

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Old Tornado Drill

I remember when I was growing up and attending elementary school on the east side of Michigan doing tornado drills at school. Back then we used to duck and cover under our desks in a room filled with windows, but since then things have changed.

Modern Tornado Drill

Knowing what a tornado can do to classroom windows, looking back at my elementary school having us stay in the classroom under our desks seems a bit dangerous.

Now schools have kids go into the hallways since they are narrower and have more roof support on each side. Going into the hallway also gets the kids away from all the windows in the classrooms which seems much safer. One thing that hasn't changed is the good old duck and cover as seen in the next video.

When is Michigan Holding Statewide Tornado Drill?

According to FOX 17, tornado sirens will be erupting across Michigan on Wednesday, March 23 at 1 p.m. for a statewide tornado drill.


You will hear sirens at 1 p.m. and it's good to get the word out with the war going on with Russia and Ukraine, if people are unaware of the statewide tornado drill and hear sirens going off everywhere, this might cause the wrong type of panic.

How to Prepare For a Tornado

A dangerous tornado in tornado alley

Preparation is a must in Michigan for tornados and you will find a lot of this preparation will also work for electrical storms, ice storms, snowstorms, and thunderstorms:

  • Fresh batteries for a battery-operated TV, radio, cell phone, or any internet device that runs off some sort of battery power.
  • Have a family emergency plan. Make sure everyone knows where the shelter is.
  • Have an emergency kit that includes water, non-perishable food, and medical supplies.
  • Have an emergency phone number list posted in the home as well as saved into your smartphone
  • Make sure your family knows that a tornado watch means that conditions are there for a tornado to possibly develop and a tornado warning means a weather radar has detected a twister or one has been visually located.
  • Get to a basement or room without windows on the lowest floor of the home or building you are in. Bathrooms, closets, or hallways work best.
  • Get under something that is sturdy like a heavy table, desk, or workbench. Something that might block falling debris.
  • Cover head and body with a blanket, sleeping bag, or mattress.
  • You must leave a mobile home or camper to a safe shelter.

Weather Signs That Tornado is Approaching

John Finney Photography/Getty Images
John Finney Photography/Getty Images

To spot a tornado that could be approaching your home, you should look for a dark or green-colored sky. Often there will be a large dark low-lying cloud. Many times hail will fall prior to the tornado coming through. Sometimes you will hear a loud roar that will remind you of the sound a freight train makes when it's coming.

It is much easier to accomplish all the above if you are prepared and have rehearsed your emergency plan.

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