When you're scrolling through social media, do you ever head straight to the comments? I do. Sometimes the comments are more engaging then the original post.


Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer posted her latest TikTok video. Let's put our politics aside for a moment and dissect it.

We see the Governor standing in a relaxed room looking straight into the camera.  The video is on trend. It's a shot of Big Gretch in her blue sweater.  She lip-syncs to the audio. All she has to say is "yeah". Lip-syncing in TikTok video's surely isn't the governors top priority as she missed the cue just a tad. The timing is off. At the end she looks off camera towards her "director". She breaks the 4th wall.


The text in the video says,

"Did we just secure a $7 billion GM investment that will:

-Create and retain 5,000 union jobs

-Make Michigan the leader in an all-electric future

-Generate $35 billion in economic opportunity"

The video is in reference to the $7 billion economic investment made by General Motors towards turning Michigan electric. In addition to the EV-related investments in Michigan, GM also announced  it is investing more than $510 million in its two Lansing-area vehicle assembly plants to upgrade their production capabilities for near term products.

The TikTok has been viewed by more than 136,000 people.

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Let's head to the comments...

Henry Robinson stated,

"Best Governor ever! Working hard for Michiganders."

There were dozens of other Whitmer supporting statements. Contrarily, there were insults too.

SimonMiller527 stated,

"yea, she's def not getting another term"

It goes back and forth a lot. Haters. Lovers. She's a polarizing figure. She's an elected official.

But I think my favorite of all the comments was from Cassandra which was liked by 20 other people. It said,

"Okay but I really need to know your lipstick shade."

There was not an answer to that question. It made me chuckle. After that, I stopped reading.

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