A Michigan couple who helped rescue some ducklings that were stuck in the storm drain, and sewer back in June, were recently featured and rewarded for their heroism in saving the trapped animals by a popular national daytime talk show.

As MLive reports, the Kelly Clarkson Show reached out to Monica Cyrocki and Kyle Morgan who live in Jackson after hearing about the duckling rescue and had them on the show today, Monday, August 3rd.

Back in June, the couple was at home when the mail person let them know there were some ducks in the storm drain outside their house in Jackson, Michigan. Monica and Kyle went out to help rescue the ducks as around 10 neighbors also came out to help.  They were able to get the first six ducks out of the drain pretty easy, but three more had gone into the sewer drain which ran under the road, according to MLive.

So Kyle, with some help from a neighbor, pried up the manhole cover and then he jumped into the nasty darkness of the sewer and began the process of rescuing the lost ducklings. He told Kelly Clarkson that he was down there for about 4 hours with a net in the stinky sewer helping grab the last three ducks. He also said he had the help of about 5 others, while he spent an ungodly amount of time in Pennywise’s favorite hangout, the sewer.

The ducks were taken to Wildside Rehabilitation and Education Center in Eaton Rapids where they were said to be doing well, MLive reports.

But the story doesn’t end there. Before their time on the Kelly Clarkson time was over, they were awarded $1,000 for their bravery in rescuing the trapped ducklings, which according to the MLive story, will come in handy as Kyle has been laid off during the pandemic and Monica has been working 7 days a week to make ends meet. Producers also told the couple that after the pandemic, they wanted to arrange a meeting with Kelly in person.

Such a cool story, hopefully, they use a little of that money to reward the other neighbors who helped (not in the sewer) too.

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