A Michigan couple are in jail after being charged with torturing and holding a man against his will in their home.

I don't mind when I see stories like this on Law and Order, but to hear about them happening in the state I live in, well, it creeps me out a bit.

According to FOX 17, an Inkster couple, 38-year-old Vera Miller and 30-year-old Corey Hill were arraigned and pleaded not guilty at the 22nd District Court on Tuesday.

It is insane that the couple allegedly held this man hostage in their home, tortured him numerous times and no one noticed until he managed to escape running down the street in his underwear where police saw him and then took him to the hospital.

Sargent Lebo said, "Hill and Miller put a dog shock collar on him, shocked him with it. Whooped him with extension cords, beat him with a wooden board, took boiling hot water from the hot water heater in the basement, put it in a bucket and forced him to put his hand in it for several minutes."

It was obvious to investigators that the man had been brutally tortured with all the damage that was done to his body. At one point the couple made the victim chew on a urine soaked towel that a dog had urinated on.

This story is disturbing enough as it is, but add three young kids living in the residence plus Miller was running a hair salon out of her home.

So far there is no word on why Hill and Miller were holding the man against his will and torturing him but I guess this will all come out in the trial.

The couple are currently residing in the Inkster jail.

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