A Muskegon landlord who treated women tenants poorly and even demanded sexual favors in exchange for rent winds up getting busted and the court orders him to pay.

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Bad Landlords


We all know it's a crap shoot when renting. Even if you look at the apartment or house and meet the landlord, that little bit of time is just not enough to judge how it will be to live there and deal with that landlord in the long term. If the price is right our emotions may cloud some of the signs that this deal may be a bad one down the road.

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So what is a bad landlord? Well, it's one that has little regard for Fair Housing Laws, doesn't care about building codes, and has no respect for a tenant's right to privacy. Some landlords even take part in discriminatory or harassing behavior that violates the rights of a tenant. The sad part is, a lot of times the warning signs are not immediate and once you sign that lease you are stuck.

Muskegon Landlord Asks for Sexual Favors in Exchange for Rent Gets Busted

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Scumbag landlords are the worst. Many use their position to take advantage of those who fear losing their place to live because they just don't make the money to walk away.

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According to WOOD, the U.S. Justice Department has announced in a lawsuit that a Muskegon landlord by the name of Darrell Jones violated the Fair Housing Ace by sexually harassing females who were renting from him. Jones even suggested that some female tenants should do sexual favors in exchange for payment of rent.

Renters claimed that Jones harassed and inappropriately spoke to or touched female renters for 12 years. Jones will have to pay nearly $160,000 to tenants.

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