Blackened American Whiskey has released the next installment of Metallica's whiskey with "Rye The Lightning" which was inspired by their 1984 album "Ride the Lightning."

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Metallica's Blackened Whiskey

Metallica Blackened Whiskey was named after the iconic song on their album "And Justice For All." The original partner in making the whiskey, Dave Pickerell, happened to be a huge Metallica fan.

When Pickerell made Blackened Whiskey, he blended ryes and bourbons using black brandy casks to give it an apricot finish.

One thing Pickerell did that was outside the box was blast Metallica music while the whiskey was in the casks. He even had taste testers with professionals that could tell the difference between two of the same whiskeys, the only difference was the playlist. "You can tase the music," Pickerell said.

Unfortunately, Pickerell died unexpectedly of heart failure in 2018. Like when Metallica bassist Cliff Burton passed away, Metallica decided to move forward with the whiskey. This is when a U.S. Army veteran by the name of Rob Dietrich stepped in to help Metallica keep the whiskey alive.

Dietrich is also a highly trained and distinguished whiskey craftsman who kept both Pickerell's and Metallica's Blackened Whiskey moving forward.

Blackened American Whiskey's "Rye The Lighting"

Rob Dietrich and Blackened American Whiskey have done it again with "Rye the Lightning." This Kentucky rye whiskey has been aged between 5-8 years then vatted and transferred for finishing in Madeira wine and Caribbean rum casks for 2-14 weeks each. While in the casks Metallica's Ride The Lightning album was on the playlist the entire time the whiskey was in the casks.

Rye the Lightning is 90 proof and available now for $69.99 a bottle. If you want to get your hands on a bottle or try one of the other Blackened Whiskey just click here.

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