Metallica are all about giving back, and they have teamed up with Carhartt to help fund scholarships right here in West Michigan on Labor Day.

Carhartt will donate all sales from their website on Labor Day to Metallica's All Within My Hands' Metallica Scholars Program. Of course Metallica are doing this nationally but they are also giving right here in West Michigan to Grand Rapids Community College.

This is a great opportunity to buy something from Carhartt you were gonna buy anyway and have that money go right here in West Michigan to build the skilled workforce of the future.

Metallica Scholars program has helped over 1,000 students at community colleges all across the United States and best of all right here in Grand Rapids.

Metallica want to recruit a new generation of passionate job seekers looking to learn the skills that could change their lives.

In order to build the workforce of the future, scholarships  help connect more people to the training and education that helps fill essential jobs. It doesn't matter if you are in high school looking for a first step, or out of work looking for a new start.

Metallica and Carhartt are the perfect fit for the mission to provide opportunity and more students trained for a career in the skilled trades.

Metallica has already given over $100,000 to the Grand Rapids Community College and now that they have partnered with Carhartt for this Labor Day, they are going to have a chance to give even more to students and those out of work in West Michigan.

Here is a video featuring Metallica's James Hetfield talking about the importance of skill trades and how you can help.

If you would like to make a purchase on Labor Day from Carhartt that will go straight to Metallica's All Within My Hands Foundation that will wind up at Grand Rapids Community College, click here and thank you.

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