Ever play that game Lethal Enforcers in the arcade? It was a light gun game that you and a friend would go around to different areas and shoot criminals with your gun! It was a lot of fun that they eventually ported to SNES, Sega CD, and Genesis. You can usually find the Blue Gun everywhere, but good luck finding the Pink one.

In order to play 2 players on Lethal Enforcers on a console, you had to have the blue and pink guns. You couldn't do 2 Blue or 2 Pink Guns, it had to be both. The game only came with the Blue gun when you bought the game so you had to buy the other separately. Most people only bought the one and never bought the second, making it hard to find these nowadays.

Thanks to the internet (and my brother) he found one of these complete in the box! I think it went for maybe around $40 or $60? Now, I can wield the Pink Gun!



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