On Wednesday night, Megadeth played Brisbane, Australia, and there were some issues. The guitars sounded a bit weird, and mainman Dave Mustaine seemed off, and a little out of it. The show continued, and then right after the show, Dave posted a rant on Periscope about firing his guitar tech.

He first apologized to Brisbane for the performance, and said that Megadeth is better than that, and that they deserved more than what that "jerkoff" gave them.

He then said, "But you know what the funny thing is? He has to live with himself. And as of like right now, I'll never see his stupid ass again."

There were some more harsh words in there, mention of doing a luau of the (now former) tech, and then a bit of humor as Mustaine attempted to stop filming, and couldn't quite hit the button on his phone. So there was a bit of fun in there at the end.

A little digging shows that this wasn't his longtime tech Wille G, who moved on from Megadeth earlier this year, and is one of the "names" of the guitar tech world. No idea who this guy is who got fired, but maybe he'll try to grab some fame and start firing back at Dave on the internet. That's ALWAYS a good idea.

Megadeth's new album, Dystopia, comes out in January, and if you order now, you get the immediate download of the first single, "Fatal Illusion".

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