Megadeth's Dave Mustaine wants to mentor young bands, with some help from The Big Four. He revealed that he sometimes thinks "how much better things would have been if we would've all tried a little bit more within The Big Four."

In Mustaine's interview with Guitar World, he shares what he had in mind, stating, "The four of us still have so much authority and power and we could do so many great things."

The Megadeth frontman wants all four bands to meet to "have a meeting of the minds as these four figureheads - the metal Mount Rushmore - and think of something special we could do to really benefit young bands and musicians and artists."

"It would be great to help them avoid some of the situations we got into with contracts and substances," says Mustaine. "Because most bands make their mistakes right at the beginning of their careers. I'd love to be a mentor to some of these guys and to really help them out. That would be a really good way to give back."

Megadeth released their 16th album The Sick, The Dying...and The Dead! last week and according to Mustaine, it's "one of many to come."

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