Hey Everyone, I’m Chelsie a full-time Optometry student originally from Auburn, MI. I recently graduated from Ferris State University with a Bachelors degree in Biology but decided to continue my education for another four years. I can’t wait until my hard work pays off!Other than being nerdy at school, I enjoy a little part time modeling on the side. I have had so many awesome opportunities presented to me through modeling such as competing in the Miss MI USA pageant ,promoting products for various companies, traveling, and working with talented photographers. I am especially excited to be part of the 97.9 WGRD Alternachick crew. It is going to be a blast this summer meeting all the WGRD listeners and rocking out at the awesome concerts!

Besides modeling, my other interests include dance, singing bad karaoke with Jackie, kayaking, working out, and traveling. One of my favorite vacations that I was able to take was to Maui, Hawaii. It was so beautiful and I came back well rested from all the long cat naps I took next to the ocean. I have yet to travel overseas, so that is something I look forward to doing once I graduate school. Out of everything I like doing, I would have to say hanging out with my family and friends is something that I enjoy the most. We always have a blast when there’s a little dancing, drinking, singing, and laughing involved.

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