Here we go again! The release date of Tool's upcoming album seems to be the most highly debated and anticipated subjects in the rock world as of late. Fortunately we have a new update from Maynard James Keenan himself, stating in a tweet that he estimates it will be released between mid-May and July.

Prior to this update, it was speculated the new album would be coming out in April. Drummer Danny Carey was doing a meet & greet a few weeks ago at NAMM and was asked about the album, in which he replied "Yeah, it should be out mid-April." Then the band updated their website with new visualizer graphics, further increasing the anticipation.

Very shortly after, the rumor was shot down by Keenan on Twitter when a fan asked if it was true. He simply replied, "No."

Tool have some tour dates coming up this spring so hopefully the album will follow. Who knows?

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