You've heard me sing the praises of Rob Scallon before, in the previous May-tallica posts. Here's week one, and week two, go enjoy those fun videos! Now, just to make sure he's covered all the Metallica bases, Rob has covered every album track from the band!

He calls it "Every Metallica Song in 4 Minutes", but the hardcore Metallica fans will come back and bitch that he didn't do "- Human" or "No Leaf Clover", nor did he do the Beyond Magnetic songs the band released for their 30th Anniversary, nor did he cover "The Lords of Summer", or any other things the band might have kicking around.

Be that as it may...haha, MAY, get it? Rob pretty cleverly segues through the songs, picking amazing places to make his transitions through the songs. Some of them might seem awkward, since he doesn't play the entire riff, but the position or chord he makes the change is perfect!

Rock on, Rob! May-tallica rules!