Mastodon's Hushed and Grim wasn't just their eighth studio release, it was a double album that captured a period of immense grieving and healing after the loss of their manager, Nick John. In a new documentary, premiering exclusively on Loudwire, fans can get a closer look at the making of the album.

The Making of Hushed and Grim is a 90-minute documentary film that details the experience Mastodon had while recording the record, featuring one-on-one interviews with the members of the band and other personnel involved in the process as they tell the stories that impacted it, and footage from the studio as the songs came together. John, who wasn't just the band's manager but also a very dear friend to them, died in 2018 from pancreatic cancer, so both the album and the film serve as a tribute to him.

"Obviously, having him leave this Earth was the worst thing our band has experienced, as a collective unit," Troy Sanders stated in the beginning of the documentary.

Hushed and Grim was a rather challenging record for Mastodon to create without John, but the result was a 15-track double album that's nearly an hour-and-a-half in length and features guest appearances from Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil, Municipal Waste drummer Dave Witte, Marcus King and Sanders' mom Jody Sanders on the French horn, among others.

As many sentimental moments as there are throughout the film, though, there are also comical scenes about Brann Dailor's fear of clowns, Sanders' dream of becoming an expert Alaskan crabber and more. It really gives fans the chance to get to know the band members more personally, including Brent Hinds, who unveils a bit more of the serious side of his personality throughout it.

"I think he's as understood as he wants to be in the given moment that someone is speaking with him," Dailor told Loudwire Nights host Toni Gonzalez in a new interview about the documentary. "It just depends on where he's at that day and what's swirling around in his head at the moment. Sometimes you get a very lucid person that's telling you exactly what's happening, and then sometimes he's maybe dipped his foot a little bit into outer space."

Loudwire and Mastodon have teamed up to give you an exclusive first-look at the full documentary, which will premiere worldwide tomorrow (Aug. 25). Watch it below, and tune into Loudwire Nights tonight at 7PM ET to listen to the full interview with Dailor.

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Mastodon - The Making of Hushed and Grim

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