It's the real-life version of The Notebook.

FOX 2 Detroit reports that the couple, Will & Judy Webb, from Melvindale, were married for 56 years. Their story began at 14 when they met. Through the years, friendship turned to love and were eventually married in February 1963.

Unfortunately, earlier this month, Judy suffered complications after surgery and was in the hospital. Soon after, her husband was taken to a different hospital after collapsing. Their daughters[and doctors] say that even though their parents were separated... they were unexplainably suffering the same symptoms.

She would get a fever from her infection; he would get a fever. Couldn't figure out where his was coming from because there was no source... "She ended up with encephalopathy as a complication from the antibiotic she was on; he ended up with encephalopathy.

The Webbs also ended up in the ICU at the same time. That's when their daughters decided to reunite them on March 2nd. Side by side, they took their last breaths together while holding hands. Will was first to go and Judy died only a few hours later.

*BRB* grabbing a tissue

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