Halloween is just days away, so it makes sense that a list of the top ten creepiest famous people was just released. In what is probably not a big surprise to most people, shock rocker Marilyn Manson was voted the most creepy of them all in a poll conducted by E-Poll Market Research.

Manson shares the list with some pretty tame figures according to Reuters. While I can understand why Casey Anthony, who was acquitted of murder charges stemming from the death of her daughter Caylee, would be the second most creepy celebrity (though I don't agree with her being called a celebrity), names like Spencer Pratt from The Hills and West Coast Choppers boss Jesse James don't exactly make my skin crawl.

O.J. Simpson lands at number 3, sharing a similar background with Anthony as he was found not guilty of killing two people, including his ex-wife, in 1995.

"Anybody people think has committed a crime, whether they are guilty or not, are going to be disliked, and Casey Anthony and O.J. Simpson are disliked," said Gerry Philpot, E-Poll Market Research president and chief executive. The firm tracks people's popularity in the media.

The whole list can be found below. Other celebrities include "Octomom" Nadya Suleman, directors Tim Burton and Woody Allen, and more. Who would be your top 10 creepiest celebrities?

The 10 most creepy celebrities (according to E-Poll Market Research)

1) Marilyn Manson..69 pct

2) Casey Anthony...57 pct

3) O.J. Simpson....56 pct

4) Spencer Prat....49 pct

5) Nadya Suleman...41 pct

6) Charlie Sheen...34 pct

7) Eliot Spitzer...34 pct

8) Woody Allen.....31 pct

9) Tim Burton......31 pct

10) Jesse James.....30 pct


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