Yesterday, Terrapin announced they will begin making marijuana vaporizer cartridges to be sold around the state. The company hopes to have them available by early February.

The cartridges are to be sold at medical and recreational dispensaries throughout Michigan. Edibles accounted for half of all Michigan marijuana sales indicating that smokeless products are in high demand.

Brandon Miller, Director of Extraction Operations at terrapin told MSN,

“Michigan marijuana users are maturing and we’re meeting that growth by producing more diverse products. Many customers with active lifestyles prefer an option that is faster and more discreet than traditional cannabis smoking methods.”

Marijuana cartridges are produced by extracting THC from the marijuana plant and adding terpenes (non-THC extracts) to add flavor and scent. The oil is then put into cartridges which are attached to vaporizer “pens,” or rechargeable batteries used to heat the oil and create marijuana vapor.

Terrapin is a cultivator and processor of cannabis. They offer a variety of Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, and potent High-CBD strains. The company was founded in 2009 and operates out of Colorado, Michigan and Pennsylvania. In Michigan, Terrapin supports several  non-profits, such as Moms Bloom and Kids’ Food Basket.

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