Remember that dude who wiped his nose on a store clerk who told him he has to wear a mask? The judge has sentenced him with probation.

When this story originally broke, I thought I might know this guy since I grew up in the town of Holly, Michigan. I was relieved when I saw the photo and the name that I did not know him.

What happened was, back on May 2 of this year, 68-year-old Rex Gomoll went into a Dollar Tree store in Holly, Michigan, where my parents still live to this day. At this time of the shutdown, you had to wear a mask to enter the Dollar Tree. The security camera's caught the whole incident on tape when the clerk ask him to put on a mask or leave, and Gomell just walks up and says, "here, I will use this as a mask", then grabs the clerks shirt sleeve and wipes his nose.

Now come on man, this is a pandemic, this is not funny and not the kind of thing to do to anyone. If I were the clerk, I probably would have handled this quite differently but good thing she has more restraint than I.

According to MLive, Gomoll received one year probation and will have to attend "life adjustment" counseling and have to comply with all local and state mask policies.

Gomoll avoided the jail time of 93 days by entering a no contest plea in an Oakland County court back in June.

I still think the clerk she have been awarded a free punch to Gomell's nose while wearing a protective glove but I guess that's why I'm not a judge.

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