Earlier in the week, we talked about the incident that happened at a bar in Colorado last weekend where an off-duty FBI agent accidentally shot a man in the leg when he did a backflip on the dance floor and his gun flew out of his waistband. Now, the man who was shot, 24-year-old Thomas Reddington, is speaking out about the incident. 

Reddington says that he was sitting at a table with some friends when he heard a loud commotion and a gunshot. Within seconds, he looked down and saw that his left leg was completely red and realized that he had been shot just below the knee. Reddington says that he blacked out, another person at the bar put a tourniquet on his leg and he was then taken to the hospital.

To Reddington's credit, he said that after viewing the now-viral footage, he initially laughed because everything was set off by an FBI agent doing a backflip on the dance floor. Reddington also says that he's not looking to ruin the man's FBI career and that he would just appreciate a private phone call and apology. He has also retained the services of a lawyer.

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