Sunday morning, as William Stratton prepared to depart from Chicago to head back to Phoenix, Ariz. a flight attendant on his Frontier Airlines plane approached him and handed him a note. What he saw written in that note was not something that he expected.

The note, scribbled in black ink on a cocktail napkin, read "10F 13F Other armed passengers." It turns out, the flight attendant thought that perhaps Stratton was an Air Marshal. He is not. 

Stratton took to Facebook and posted a photo of the note along with the following commentary:

Dear Frontier Airlines,

I was handed this note from a flight attendant as we were about to take off this morning. You somehow managed to mistake me for a Federal Marshal and jeopardized the safety and security of everyone on the flight by informing me (on a napkin) who else was armed on the plane. Good thing I didn't have bad intentions. #SafetyFirst #Amateurs#NeverFlyingYouAgain #Passenger57

Stratton informed the flight attendant of her mistake (to which she simply responded "Oh, God."), and kept watch on the passengers on the plane that he now knew were carrying guns the entire way back to his Phoenix.

After landing, he reached out to Frontier Airlines about the incident. Frontier finally responded to him. What did they have to say? According to Stratton,

I got a response to my email that said that customer service was forwarding to their Leadership and Security Team for internal review.


Still no one has uttered the words, 'apologize' or 'sorry'.

Stratton said that he almost departed the plane after the incident, but was eager to get back home.

Frontier Airlines issued a statement to Phoenix's Fox 10 News, saying,

The note was handed to another customer instead of the person it was intended for after the customer changed seats on the plane.

Stratton says that that is not the case, however, and that he sat in the seat that was assigned to him by the airline.