A Michigan man who volunteered to drive senior citizens around has now been charged in sexually assaulting a passenger in her home.

According to WOOD, 61-year-old Decatur man, Juan Manuel Lopez, has been cuffed and stuffed into the Van Buren County Jail with a half a million dollar bond over his head for assaulting one of his passengers in her home after giving her a ride.

In early April, Lopez took a 65-year-old woman to a doctor's appointment then followed her inside and locked the door behind them.

That is when the alleged victim says that Lopez assaulted her.

She claims that she told him repeatedly to stop, and his alleged response was, "Well, I don't wanna stop."

Lopez did admit to a judge that he hugged and kissed the woman but did not admit to anything else.

Lopez is charged with third degree criminal sexual conduct and sexual assault.

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