It's kind of hard not to laugh at the situation but this Australian man is not trying to be the butt of our jokes. reports that an engineer from Melbourne took his boss to court and was looking for $1.3 million ($1.8M in Australian dollars) in damages after claiming farting was a form of bullying. He said his ex-employer would come into his small, and window-less, office multiple times a day and “lift his bum and fart” on him..."

However, the Supreme Court thought otherwise to the bullying and threw out the case in 2017. The verdict was appealed and the man stood in front of a panel of judges this past Monday and told his story again. He said the constant farting caused him "severe stress." Unfortunately for him, the Court of Appeals dismissed the case on Friday, agreeing with the original ruling, that farting does not equal bullying.

As far as the serial farter goes... he never denied cutting the cheese but said he never did it to intentionally harass his employee.

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