A man has been convicted of sex trafficking teens in Kent and Muskegon counties may get life in prison.

According to MLive, 58-year-old Richardo Leodoro Urbina from Muskegon Michigan was convicted by a jury of his peers in a United States District Court in Grand Rapids for prostituting teens.

Urbina started targeting runaway girls in 2015 who needed money and a place to stay. He would offer the help then give them drugs and alcohol to dance and give men massages who were seeking sex acts. He would keep half of the money and let the girls keep the other half.

Apparently business was booming and Urbina hired and 18-year-old by the name of Francisco Soto to help in recruiting girls for the operation. Soto used Facebook to lure girls to party and then when they were wasted would convince them to dance for and massage men.

To keep the business under ground the men used a site called Backpage.com to advertise sex with young girls. They also used an app to keep their contact information a secret to try and not get caught.

Jurors got an eyeful of messages that were used on the app that hooked up the sex dates with clients.

Soto made a plea deal to help investigators but still was charged with sex trafficking a minor.

Urbina will be sentenced September 23 will get 15 years to life in prison.

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